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Picto architectural photography, we have a broad field of vision in the field of architectural photography, using photography as a medium to record and narrate the large industrial background contemporary urban and architectural events, based on the perspective of urban architecture and sociology, abstracting and narrating the rise of contemporary cities and architecture,occurrence and metabolic renewal, focusing on expressing the sense of place, interactivity and place spirit of urban architecture, creating works with communication and artistic value urban architecture imagery, creating a sketch of contemporary cities and architecture.
Picto architectural photography, established by host photographer Lin Shan and host photographer Ai Ye in 2018, is dedicated to providing clients with a full range of professional architectural photography services. The host photographers all have a professional background in arts and design. They are professional photographers with many years of practical experience in photography. They are also architects and landscape designers who have long been involved in urban design and architectural design. The photographs have won awards in domestic and foreign photography competitions, and the photographs have been published on professional design media and websites. We have good professionalism and unique creativity in the field of architectural photography. We accept clients' commissions to provide clients with architecture Photography services such as photography, landscape photography, indoor photography, project construction tracking shooting, professional comprehensive photography equipment and graphics color management technology, rich project shooting and project imaging experience, provide customers with efficient and high-quality commercial photography services.

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